Welcome to Brett Reilly Short Stories

Adventurous short stories within the dystopian or science fiction genres. I have always enjoyed reading survivalist novels in dystopian or science fiction themed worlds. With an active imagination even in my mid 40's, I find reading and writing a great escape for relaxation and disappearing into other worlds. I will attempt to write a short story each month, time permitting.

About the Concept

I have been using this domain generally for email and occasional web applications. Trying to keep my brain active over the summer break, I began looking at the new and wonderful web applications. Finding Grav, a flat file CMS, no database needed, I can just write in Markdown in a text file and just publish. Without added distractions of an automated system messing up the formatting it's really simple. Looking for a hobby to improve my writing skills, story writing was one of those idea that turned this my personal wespace into a short story ariting outlet for myself.

About Me

Currently studying for a Diploma in Business Management to be completed by September 2018. I have a Diploma in Counselling and quit studying psychology as my academic writing skills were poor, apprarently. I have worked in mostly retail and have had other jobs here and there in the automotive industries for small and large businesses. I have two cats, try to walk everyday and really enjoy messing around with code and of course reading and writing.


If you enjoy the stories, please donate to help with server costs or just buy me a coffee via Paypal or Bitcoin 144sNWo7tEKxJfFR2n3fpBYyUErCwEo9Rs.