Space Miners

John an astrophysicist got the job he never dreamed of having. Not because he wanted it, he thought it was beneath him. Calculating the Space miners wasn't a difficult job, you just punch some numbers into a program and watch for any warnings. John thought any monkey can do this, Peter on the other hand was navigation expert, a former military pilot. One thousand staff sat in the large building, with teams of two navigating and monitor the space miners rendezvous with asteroids. 

John looked at Peter with a concerned look on his face. "You seeing this?" he asked. "Ummm, now I am." Replied Peter squinting his eyes. The image feeds sent through quantum entanglement took around 5 minutes round trip. The image showed what they thought was an asteroid made of pure titanium. But a large vessel the miner was approaching and the elongated egg shape had more form than a regular asteroid. It wasn't the shape what concerned them, it was the wasn't one of theirs. 

The next image 5 minutes, the miner starting to slow to reach its unusual destination, was showing protrusions. Protrusions that looked much like satellite dishes. Twenty minutes later with about 5 KMs distance away. John and Peter noticed small port hole windows along the side. The ship was heading directly for our sun. 

The vessel was travelling at 0.4 the speed of light reaching the Sun in approximately 5 months. Reaching earth in around 2 months if it switched trajectory. John quickly calculated and set up an orbit around the vessel to get a closer look. No identifying marks such as flags or company name were present. "We need to inform Prichard" John said. 

John and Peter walked into Prichard's office closed the door and locked it. The look of fear on Prichards face said it all. "So you have identified it?" Prichard asked. John look at Peter with confusion. Peter thought better of beating around the bush and got straight to the point. "So, is it ours?" Peter asked. "No" Prichard replied with a shake of the head, "It entered the solar system 3 months ago, we had miners headed for the area". 

"Identifying marks?" asked Prichard, "None what so ever, though they do have satellite dishes very much the same as ours" replied John.

"Ok I'll inform the people, the men in black, I don't even know their names" said Prichard, "Thanks, I guess keep monitoring until we're told otherwise".

Five minutes later John and Peter were asked to accompany a nameless individual from space agency alien threat task force, SAATT for short. They were quickly taken to an observatory in Brazil to assist in operating the once miner, now spy craft. 

The underground bunker under the observatory was where they were hold up for 2 months monitoring the vessel. The vessel parked itself orbiting the moon and an automated message was broadcast on an open frequency. 

After months of linguists translations, John joked about needing a babble fish. The message said "We mean no harm, we are explorers, we can communicate with you from here". The message pausing for 30 seconds between transmissions. Followed by "We are a team of scientists and would like safely meet, we need a secure containment structure built if you choose to meet face to face". 

Space X built the containment unit over the next few months to the size specified through secure communications. Funnily the aliens used very similar technology to us. We shared some computer languages as well as verbal, and we communicated freely through their much faster sub-light communications. Surprisingly faster than the speed of light, they shared this technology with us fairly early on. 

The containment unit consisted of 20 cm thick polycarbonate fully sterilised environment an acre in size. The two Graftulians entered the atmosphere in there small pod that looked a squished upside down bottle. Standing around 3 feet tall or 0.91 meters they were completely hairless. Their appearance looked like a mix of hairless ape, humans, and fish. They had tiny gills on the side of their necks. Mouths and eyes were similar to humans. Arms legs were similar with 4 fingers and a thumb. They wore multi-coloured robes that were draped around them similar to a monks Kasaya. 

They spoke in English, they said it was hard at first but they hard grasped it fairly quickly once they had the basics. Hollander the first alien to set foot on earth "Is the Matrix a documentary?", with a laugh Terry replied "No, it is what we call science fiction. Welcome". "Nice to meet you Terry!" said Hollander.