Welcome to Brett Reilly Short Stories

Adventurous short stories within the dystopian or science fiction genres. I have always enjoyed reading survivalist novels in dystopian or science fiction themed worlds. With an active imagination even in my mid 40's, I find reading and writing a great escape for relaxation and disappearing into other worlds. I will attempt to write a short story each month, time permitting. 

The Concept

I have been using this domain generally for email and occasional web applications. Trying to keep my brain active over the summer break, I began looking at all the new and wonderful web applications. Looking for a hobby to improve my writing skills, story writing was one of those ideas that turned this my personal web space into a short story writing outlet for myself.

About Brett Reilly

Currently studying for a Diploma in Business Management to be completed by September 2018. I have a Diploma in Counselling and quit studying psychology as my academic writing skills were poor, apparently. I have worked in mostly retail and have had other jobs here and there in the automotive industries for small and large businesses. I have two cats, try to walk everyday and really enjoy messing around with code and of course reading and writing.